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  • Use this form to post a new note to someone you are looking for.
  • All fields of information (except 'Last Known Country') on this form are optional. This means you can leave any field empty (blank) if you like.
  • Please take your time and make every effort to enter information as completely and as accurately as possible. This is very important. If the information is entered correctly, then when the time comes, our system can retrieve it quickly.
  • If you don't know an item, then leave it blank. If you leave the 'Last Name' field empty then anyone looking at this information will see 'Unknown' substituted for the last name.
  • Since it is strictly up to the person you are looking for, to get in touch with you, only post notes to people who you are relatively sure would be interested in getting in touch with you. This DOES NOT WORK for skip tracing, credit collection agencies or trying to find dead beats. If they don't want to respond to the note, they don't call you.
  • Here are some examples of how you might create notes, based on different circumstances and situations.
  • There are 5 parts to the below form. For maximum results, take your time to carefully complete each part as accurately as possible. After posting, if you do wish to correct the information on the form, you may do so immediately, by going back to your account page and selecting the View/Modify/Delete option at the bottom of your account page.

Part 1 - The General Reason You Are Looking For This Person

  Category  If you are .... Relationship
  Adoption  Searching for someone from past adoption. (Must be older than 15) Related
  Career  Looking for former employee/applicant for job situation Not Related
  Friend  Looking for an old lost friend, army/navy buddy, sweetheart, etc. Not Related
  Genealogy  Looking for information on family tree member. (Born before 1931) Related
  Group  Looking for former member (e.g. High School Reunion, etc.) Not Related
  Missing  Looking for lost/missing/estranged/run-away family member Related
  Money  Looking for someone to give them something of value Either

We do not have your Gender and Date of Birth information.
Adoption notes are not accepted without a searcher's Gender and Full Date of Birth
(See "Adoption" above greyed out).
You may click on the "Who Are You?" tab above or the
Return to Your Account Page" button below to correct this.
Part 2 - Details on the Person this Note is for

Use this part of the form to provide details on the individual to whom you're posting this note. Ideally enough information, where the individual in question, will more than likely recognize that this particular note is definitely for them and not someone else with the same name. Leave any/all fields blank where you are not confident of the information being requested.

Note Date: 02/26/2021  [Creating New Note : Date MM/DD/YYYY]

 Person's Name: - See Examples - Leave blank if unknown
(Example: Richard (Dick) William Johnson)
First Name:  <-Different than Nick Name! (e.g. Richard)
Nick Name:  <-Different than First/Middle Name! (e.g. Dick)
Middle:  <-Different than Nick Name! (e.g. William)
Last Name:  <-no more than ONE Last Name per note!
See It #:  Display Note Length (0=Default=Anyone can see this note.)
 Person's Last known residence [City, State/Prov and/or Country] - Leave blank if unknown
Country:  required gif <-Required
 Person's Family Relationship to you: - Leave blank if not related
  Required if Search Reason (see "Part 1" above) = Adoption
  Select correct relationship: ... some examples...
If this note is for your long lost birth mother, then select 'bMother'.
If you are leaving a note to your missing son, then select 'Son',
etc., etc....
If you are trying to find someone who is unrelated to you then leave this blank.
 Person's Gender: - Leave blank if unknown
  Male: - Female: - Unknown:
 Person's Birth Date:   Month and Day must be used togehter
Month:    Day:    Year: (YYYY e.g. 1944)
Jan 15 1943  OK        15 1943  NOT OK 
    1943  OK      Jan   1943  NOT OK 
       OK      Jan 15    NOT OK 
If you are able to guess this person's year of birth within (+/-) 3-5 years, it is highly recommened that you do so. If you only know part of a person's birthdate or are not certain, use the Key Words / Phrases below .. Category = "Approx Birth Date".
 Person's ID Numbers: - Leave blank if unknown
  Use these three fields to list Identification numbers you may have on this person. The US Social Security ID number is stored and searchable in our database, but... for security reasons, is only partially displayed to the public when they view this note.
(Example: The SSN "123-45-6789" will be displayed as "xxx-xx-6789").
 US Social Security #: - - Number Only! (eg 123 45 6789)
 Military ID Nbr: Alpha/Numerics! (eg RA12345)
 Birth Certificate Nbr: Alpha/Numerics! (eg RS12345J)
 Other Number: Alpha/Numerics! (eg Q12345)
DO NOT use - , / # & $ % ^ @ or white space characters.
 Person's Hair and Eye Color: - Leave blank if unknown
  Hair Color:     Eye Color:
 Key Words or Phrases - which this person might recognize ..

The following information is displayed on the initial search listing. You may reiterate any of the above information or include additional information here. When an individual searches for their name in our system, they will be presented with a line listing of all matching records. Included with the line listing, will be 'Last/First Name, Age, Gender, Reason for note and up to three(3) key words and categories'. Enter Keywords and Phrases below that you know about this individual .. Keywords and Phrases that the individual will recognize. The full note may be viewed by the individual clicking on the accompanying Full Note icon link.

Enter up to three reference [ Key Words or Phrases - Catagory ] pairs which this person will/should recognize. This additional information can aid a person in recognizing the note as meant for them.

      [Category 1 = School][Key word 1 = Lafayette College]
      [Category 2 = Hobby/Interest][Key word 2 = Lacrosse ]

Select a Category . . Then Enter a . . Key Word or Phrase
Treat Keyword and Category as a set
Key Word/Phrase Category   Key Word or Phrase
<- Category/Keyword Combination #1 ->
Special Instructions: If you are posting a note to someone from a particular school, group, organization, company or association, then place the group name in the first Key Word / Phrase field just above.
<- Category/Keyword Combination #2 ->
<- Category/Keyword Combination #3 ->
 Any other extra information that might help? Limit 300 characters (~60 words)
  Your extra information character count remaining is:
(e.g. "You were born in Childrens Hospital in Tucson, Arizona under the name .... etc.")
(e.g. "You had a tree fort out in your back yard that you built one summer .... etc.")
Part 3 - What Personal Information Do You Want To Use?
    greyed out checkbox = Required Information
    checkbox image = Optional Information

Place a check mark checkbox image in the box for each of the following fields you want to have included for your contact or personal information for this particular person's note. The system automatically supplies at a minimum your name greyed out checkbox, and country greyed out checkbox. Any other information is optional and up to you to choose. Your Email address remains hidden and private.

When you registered you indicated you were part of an organization by the name of Big Company with the title President. Please tell us who is trying to find this person, ... you or the organization you work for?
   I'm personally trying to find this individual! Click if your organization is looking for this individual!
   Big Company is trying to find this individual! Click if your organization is looking for this individual!

Your Name:   greyed out checkbox - Your full name [Gimmey Gurner] is required information  Gimmey Gurner
   . . a representative of . .
Group Name:  Big Company
Title:  President
Address 1:  123 Elm Street
City:  Denver
State:  Co
Postal/Zip Code:  12355
Country:  greyed out checkbox - Your country [USA] is required information  USA
Phone (Day):  222-222-2222
Phone (Night):  444-444-4444
Phone (Fax):  777-777-7777
Phone (Cell):  666-666-6666
If this person would most likely know you by some other name (e.g. maiden name, etc.) enter it here:
Your Former Name:
Example: Will print out as "Posted by Betty Miller (formerly Betty Jones)"
 Special Message: What would you like to say to this person .. (Limit 300 characters)
Your email address should not be included! Your email address should remain hidden and private.
  Your special message character count remaining is:
(e.g. "Your greatuncle passed away and left you his coin collection.")
Part 4 - Who Is Permitted to Contact You?
Three types of people might respond to this note.
  1. The person you are looking for, might respond.
  2. Well meaning people, offering to help find this person for free, might respond.
  3. Commercial enterprises, such as private investigators, might respond.
In addition to the person who you are looking for (1), which of the other types (2 and/or 3) have your permission to contact you?

Only 1 (The person I am looking for)
Only 1 & 2 (Nice free helpers)
Only 1 & 3 (Commercial professional helpers)
1 & 2 & 3 (Anyone may contact me if they can help)
Part 5 - Cross Posting / Publishing

Do you wish to have this message posted to related newsgroups and listservers?

         Publish Message: Yes: No:

Messages published to listservers and newsgroups will contain ..

  1. Your Full Name,

  2. 'Part 1 - The 'Reason' category you are looking for this person.,

  3. 'Part 2 - Person's Details (information)

  4. A Web hyper link to your contact page which you are about to create here on Who? Me?.
    (see 'Part 3' above - checked boxes).
There will be no way for people to contact you directly from the newsgroup or listserver posting. Should they wish to contact you, they will have to come to your contact page here on Who? Me? If you delete your account or the note in question, there will be no way for a person to contact you via this particular Who? Me? posting. There are some possible advantages and disadvantages in publishing the way we publish. You decide if it is right for you.

Advantages?:  From this one posting, you have a positive means to broadly publish your search information in more places on the Internet, combined with a positive means of controlling/turning off the public's ability to contact you at any point in the future. When you are done with the service just delete this note and it is over... the link from your posted note on the Internet to you is broken.

Disadvantages?:  This gives you a wider public audience and a corresponding larger number of possibley unwelcomed solicitions from people finding investigators (Free and Paid). Since your contact information is not on the actual note that we publish, people may complain about their having to click on a web link to get to your contact page here on Who? Me?, in order to contact you.

Special CAUTION - This is a public forum!

With the exception of a person's US Social Security Number posted with a note (see explanation above), it will be possible for anyone to view the information entered in any of these fields. Anyone posting a note to this system recognizes and accepts the fact that individuals, other than the intended recipient, can and most likely will view these notes.

Our staff reserves the right to remove any notes without notification or explanation.